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House Re-wiring

If you feel that there are some problems regarding the wiring of the house, then you immediately need to take action and get it all re-wired or replaced

House Re-wiring

Your house is not just your house but your home. A place where you feel the most relaxed and safe. No matter where you come from and how tired you are, once you reach home and sit on your couch or lie on your bed, half your stress is gone. Therefore, it bevomes even more important to take care about the safety standards of your house. If you feel that there are some problems regarding the wiring of the house, then you immediately need to take action and get it all re-wired or replaced.

The electrical condition of your house is one of the most important aspects of construction of a house. Electrical Re-wiring is the process of replacing all your old, hazardous, non-compliant and outdated electrical equipment like cables, distribution boards, fittings for better functionality and increased safety in your house.

The wiring in the house needs to be solid so that all your other electrical appliances run for long. So now the question arises, how will you know if your house needs a Re-wiring? If you have the slightest doubts or rather if you have no doubt at all, even then it is best to carry out seasonal wiring inspection. This inspection will give you a clear idea on whether the wiring of your house meets the national safety hazard requirements.

What exactly happens in House Re-wiring?
LS Electrican Services Singapore

It is a known fact that all your house’s cables are hidden under the floor and run through the walls. Hence, a complete re-wiring of your house will be a messy affair but will be worth the mess because safety comes first! For those of you who want to renovate your house, this is the perfect time to get re-wiring done. You would have understood by now that house re-wiring will definitely need you to hire an electrician as you can’t do it yourself. This is where we come in. We understand how important your safety is and believe in wiring up your house as per the safety requirements. So once you sign up with us for a complete wiring make over, here’s what we will do:


  • We will add more switches, sockets and light fixtures if there is a need.
  • We will check the cabling of your house and install a complete new set of cables for better functionality.
  • We will check for the functionality of your telephone, wifi and tv sockets and will replace them if there is any mistake.
  • All your lighting and power circuits will be replaced.


We will first inspect your house and then make the necessary changes keeping you in loop, of course!


We will complete the House Re-wiring in two stages:

First Stage

We will first look into cabling, wiring, circuits and back boxes and then replace them.

Second Stage

This stage involves installation of light fittings and faceplates on sockets and switches. After this, the entire wiring will be connected to the consumer unit to make everything live.

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